Friday, January 3, 2014

Blog Sale!!! Part 2

So I also have been building up a stash of these polymer clay necklaces I have been making. Some are embellished with glass beads or pieces of shells. All have been coated with a glossy polymer glaze.

Here are the rules:
I will sell only to buyers in the U.S.A. Contact me at novachick1 (at) yahoo (dot) com and let me know which necklace(s) you are wanting to purchase, and include your mailing address. I will send you a Paypal request for payment. All necklaces will be mailed out USPS Priority flat rate. The small boxes cost $5.80 to mail, and can fit several necklaces. I'm not attached to the internet 24/7. On a normal day I check my e-mail in the morning and evening. All items are handmade by ME, so they all contain flaws that add to there character.

All $15.00 each

All $10.00 each

All $5.00 each

These two in the $5.00 are there because they got a little burned on there back sides, but it doesn't effect them any. You don't look at the back anyways.

Some close ups.

Cherries on heart #1 $15.00

Cherries on heart #2 $15.00

Abstract with heart $15.00

Abstract gone crazy $15.00

Shelly seahorse SOLD

Light blue seahorse $15.00

Dark blue and gold seahorse with pearl eye $15.00

Starfish $15.00 (I forgot to put it in the main photo)

White seahorse $10.00

Elephant $10.00

Flowers with butterfly SOLD

The bee $5.00

White betta fish with glass blue eye SOLD

Off white seahorse $5.00



Harry Flashman said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see you on QVC one of these days. Lots of those ladies started out designing and producing their own fashion wares and now they have their own shows. I know this because when my wife is home I watch them with her.

Anonymous said...

That shelly seahorse is gorgeous it looks so neat and pretty,
make me one of those for your darling niece on her soon to come 15th birthday? ^-^ jolieloveyou<3